serving south Indian vegetarian food since 1924

Given its status as Malaysia’s Little India, it’s no surprise that Brickfields attracts diners with a taste for Indian cuisine.

There are many restaurants here, big and small, selling delicious specialties and delicious treats, often at low prices. If you’re in the mood for flatbread, head to Jalan Thambipillay and you’ll find a place famous for serving the best in town.

MTR 1924 is a household name among locals, having been in service for a long time. vegetarian food business. What started as a simple shop serving coffee and idli has become Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, a short MTR away.

Since its inception, the restaurant has opened several branches in India and beyond, and this branch in Brickfields is the first in Malaysia. Making a restaurant is simple but fun. Although many hotels in Malaysia have questionable cleanliness, there is no doubting the standards set at MTR.

Custom-designed posters detailing the restaurant’s history line the red walls, as a testament to its long culinary heritage. The place prides itself on a menu of authentic South Indian vegetarian food and with more than 40 dishes on the menu, one is spoiled for choice. Among MTR’s must-haves is the Masala Dosa, which is highly rated by many lovers on Google searches.

Although it seems simple in appearance, these golden triangle pancakes are not perfect. Every body is heavenly, because of its shiny and soft layer, the stomach is aching.

A little ghee, green chili chutney and lentil sambar are also used, each adding flavor to the delicious dish.

Another dish worth mentioning is Rava Idli, a dish with an interesting story behind it.

Apparently, after WWII, food was scarce in India and due to the lack of rice, the MTRs turned to making these savory cakes with semolina. For a food born out of necessity, these cakes are very tasty, and it’s no wonder that many people still enjoy them decades later.

They have a spongy texture that makes them easy to eat, and of course there is potato chutney and sagu on the side. But what if you want to try a little bit of everything on the menu? Well, MTR serves a small special menu, available for lunch and dinner. The name is misleading as these thali dishes are anything but small, including sambar, rasam, pickles and payasam among others. You can enjoy delicious options with dosa or poori, and honestly, any option is good. As for food, coffee lovers will love the filter coffee served here, with its Arabian beans sourced from plantations in Karnataka. This drink is obtained by the way it is produced, using traditional Indian ingredients with a mixture of frothed, boiled milk and coffee powder.

If you have a sweet tooth, order the refreshing Mango Lassi instead of the sweet mango one. With the quality of the food and service here, it’s safe to say that MTR’s food legacy will continue for the foreseeable future.

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