Russia works to ease visa regime for India, other countries

Russia is working to simplify the visa process for six countries, including India, Syria and Indonesia, TASS news agency said on Sunday, citing Deputy Prime Minister Evgeny Ivanov.

“In addition to India (simplification of the process)… works in Angola, Vietnam, Indonesia, Syria and the Philippines,” Ivanov said. Earlier, Ivanov said that Russia also supports federal agreements for visa-free travel to 11 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Haiti, Zambia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico and Trinidad, CASS reported. Since the beginning of the full-scale attack by Russia against Ukraine a year ago, which killed thousands and millions of people, Moscow has turned to China, India and African countries, trying to build closer relations there.

While the United States, Japan and the European Union condemned the Russian invasion and issued an order, China and India did not. India has remained neutral, refusing to blame Russia for the attack while increasing its purchases of Russian oil.

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