Ong Kee Chicken Rice is possibly Ipoh’s best

In addition to its beautiful landscape, historical architecture and old-world charm, the capital of Perak is also famous for being a culinary destination.

Along with George Town and Melaka, Ipoh is one of the three food hubs that attract hungry people from across the country. It’s hard to say which is the most delicious of Ipoh’s food, but one of the most famous contenders is probably its chicken rice.

Ipoh’s famous chicken rice has a good following throughout the country, and many shops outside Perak claim to sell the good stuff. Within Ipoh itself, many claim the title of “best chicken rice” and Ong Kee, located in the heart of Ipoh, has lived up to that title for decades. Ironically, it is across from another popular chicken rice restaurant. Residents of Lou Wong in Ipoh often split the better.

In any case, if you come on a bank holiday weekend, be prepared to wait for a table at Ong Kee, as the line can form soon. The less talk about parking, the better.

On the wall of Onn Kee are pictures of many celebrities and people who have visited the restaurant, which is a sign of its popularity. Ordinary people also flock here to enjoy the tender chicken served with a bowl of fragrant rice and bean sprouts. There are also chicken innards and pork innards; Two great entries.

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