Feast on delicious Beggar’s Chicken by braving the Banting marsh

Any Malaysian foodie worth their salt knows that the best food is found in the most unexpected places.

In fact, many of the best restaurants in the country are far off the beaten path, where only the most dedicated foodies wander. ready to look for them. If you consider yourself a member of this group, then you should spend an hour out of the city and into the countryside of Banting instead.

Located in this part of Selangor is a hotel that looks like a small house. Despite this, it attracts customers from all over. Getting to Restoran Bukit Jugra is an adventure in itself, as you have to walk through narrow country roads with endless grass.

With few signs pointing to the hotel, it’s easy to get lost. Tip: This location can be found on Waze by searching for “Chicken Banting on Demand”.

You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you see a Chinese temple on the side of the road and a restaurant on the opposite side. Restoran Bukit Jugra is a wooden house built on a mud flat, where the dining area offers a perfect view of the mud and crabs.

Depending on the time of your arrival, you can catch the incoming or outgoing Sungai Langat. Note that if you come here without a prior reservation, you will be turned away – reservations are required here. For what? Because this company is famous for Poulet du Beggar, a traditional Chinese dish that has become a delicacy that requires a lot of preparation in advance. According to the legend, the beggar was a beggar who did not have a suitable vessel or pot to make the chicken in the first place.

He then wrapped it with paper, covered it with clay, and put it in a pit with fire burning in it before burying it. Whether it’s true or not, the restaurant cooks its chicken this way and is famous for it. The restaurant itself is the definition of no frills, with an almost spartan look that is a good place to eat though.

Given its privacy, it has an exotic feel to it that will provide a welcome change for many urban visitors. If you’re worried that mosquitoes will eat you alive, fear not! Burning mosquito nets can be found under your desk at any time.

And if you want to cover the famous dishes of the restaurant, look at the wall of newspapers, some of them have been around for decades. By all accounts, Restoran Bukit Jugra has been around for almost 50 years now, as the place used to be a coal factory.

With so much dirt lying around, some of it is used to prepare the common chicken, which ends up being more sought after than the dirt itself. As mentioned, reservations must be made a day in advance, with only certain dishes such as omelets. and vegetables to order and spot. But no one comes here just for those. Beggar’s Chicken is a sight to behold here and is ready to match your arrival. This ensures that as soon as the food is eaten, the meat will always be warm and tender, the taste is strong.

A delicious heavenly chicken, with a strong flavor due to the many herbs packed into its cavity. For the ultimate pleasure, cut yourself a slice and eat it with rice and a little garlic and cili padi. amazing! Besides chicken, pork and venison are also prepared and served in the same way. Beggar’s pig’s feet are popular with some customers.

It’s so delicious, the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. To hell with cholesterol! Usually, this dish will wipe out everyone at the table in no time.

Instead of white rice, consider eating your meat with bright, shiny rice, as it should be.

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