Feast on delicious Beggar’s Chicken by braving the Banting marsh

If you had to choose one hawker dish that defines Ipoh, “kai si hor fun” – or chicken with plain noodles – would be it. It looks like Perak’s capital city is famous like char kuey teow in eastern Penang, kolo mee is Sarawak and bak kut teh is Klang. Ipoh locals will argue with you about the best sports club in town. And of course, there are many – although perhaps the best (depending on who you ask) is at Restoran Moon De Moon. This Kopitiam is located in the northern part of the city, a five to seven minute walk from the Ipoh-Tambun exit. Parking is usually easy to find here quite far from the city center, but getting a table at the cafe itself can be a challenge because it is often full, especially on weekends. Note that Moon De Moon closes at 2pm every day, so get there early! In fact, this writer went at 10 am on a Saturday, hoping to find some fun and curry noodles. Alas, the last one was sold, although they managed to hold the last bowl of hor fun.It took almost 45 minutes for the food to arrive, but it was worth the wait. The perfectly cooked flat noodles are drenched in one of the strongest shrimp and chicken broths you can find, along with excellent shrimp, chicken strips, chives, fresh onion and fried shallots. The combination of all these ingredients in a rich and tasty broth is wonderful, although some may find the soup a bit bland. It really depends on your taste. Overall, the fun at Moon De Moon deserves to be called the best, or one of the best in Ipoh. Come and try it for yourself – although you’ll have to wait until it reopens after Chinese New Year!

Bring back the Moon De Moon
148, Hala Wah Keong,
Taman Mirindi, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 7:30 am to 2 am daily

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